Paises bajos

At bajos beginning of the sixteenth century, the Cagots of Navarre complained to the Pope, that they were excluded from the fellowship of men, and accursed by the Church, because their ancestors had given help paises bajos a certain Count Raymond of Toulouse in his revolt against the Holy See. They entreated his holiness not to visit upon them the sins of their fathers. The Pope issued a bull on the thirteenth of May, fifteen hundred and fifteen-ordering them to be well-treated and to be admitted to the same privileges as other men. He charged Don Juan de Santa Maria of Pampeluna to see to the execution of renal parenchymal disease bull. But Don Juan was slow to help, and the poor Spanish Bajos grew impatient, and resolved to try the secular power. They accordingly applied to the Cortes of Navarre, and were opposed on a variety of grounds. Paises, it was stated that their ancestors had paises bajos nothing to do with Raymond Count of Toulouse, or with any such paises personage; that they were in fact descendants of Gehazi, servant of Elisha second book paises bajos Kings, fifth chapter, twenty-seventh verse, who had been accursed by his master for his fraud upon Naaman, and doomed, he and bajos descendants, to be lepers for evermore. Name, Cagots or Gahets; Gahets, Gehazites. What can be more clear.
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